ADISC Update - January, 2002

Over the past 6 months, AZA’s ADISC (Animal Data Information Systems Committee) held four workshops as part of Phase I for the design of a comprehensive zoological information system. The goal of the workshops was to bring a variety of representatives and expertise from zoos and aquariums together to define the scope of data required to manage and care for the animals in our institutions. The workshops covered a wide range of topics including animal health care, animal husbandry, behavior, research, population management, enrichment, training, nutrition, environmental monitoring, animal inventory, shipping, and permitting. Doug Verduzco, a database modelling consultant with the Inteq Group, facilitated the workshops.

Products of the workshops include a conceptual data model, data definitions and extensive documentation on the high-level business processes that are part of every day management and care of animals in AZA institutions. These tools will help us to define what the scope of a new system will be.

ADISC would like to thank all of the participants for their valuable time and input into the process. Individuals and institutions are to be especially commended for supporting the effort, especially given the additional traveling challenges of the past few months. Everyone walked away with a much greater appreciation for the process and of the work ahead to further define data standards.

Participants: Aletha Kinser (Sedgewick County Zoo), Andy Aiken (National Aquarium in Baltimore), Andy Stamper (Walt Disney World), Andy Teare (Jacksonville Zoo), Becky Bryning (Zoological Society of San Diego), Beth Bahner (Philadelphia Zoo), Bob Cooper (New England Aquarium), Bob Dulski (Brookfield Zoo), Bob Lacy (Brookfield Zoo), Brandie Smith (AZA), Brent Whitaker (National Aquarium in Baltimore), Bruce Bohmke (Woodland Park Zoo), Chelle Plasse (Walt Disney World), Cheri Asa (St. Louis Zoo), Colleen Lynch (AZA Population Management Center), Dominic Travis (Lincoln Park Zoo), Don Boyer (Zoological Society of San Diego), Don Neiffer (Walt Disney World), Ellen Dierenfeld (Wildilfe Conservation Society), Emily Ford (Regional Studbook Data Management Center), Gary Priest (Zoological Society of San Diego), Hank Erb (Zoological Society of San Diego), Hans Keller (National Aquarium in Baltimore), Ilse Stalis (Zoological Society of San Diego), Ingrid Porton (St. Louis Zoo), James Williamson (National Aquarium in Baltimore), Jane Davis (Walt Disney World), Jean Dubach (Brookfield Zoo), Jean Miller (Buffalo Zoo), Jeff Boehm (Shedd Aquarium), Joanne Earnhardt (Lincoln Park Zoo), Joe Christman (Walt Disney World), Karen Bauman (St. Louis Zoo), Kay Mehren (MetroToronto Zoo), Kristen Lukas (Lincoln Park Zoo), Larry Killmar (Zoological Society of San Diego), Lynn McDuffie (Walt Disney World), Mark Edwards (Zoological Society of San Diego), Mark Ryan (Long Beach Aquarium), Mark Stetter (Walt Disney World), Marty Greenwell (Shedd Aquarium), Marty McPhee (Walt Disney World), Melinda Pruitt-Jones (Brookfield Zoo), Mike Zoological Society of San Diego), Nate Flesness (ISIS), Nilda Ferrer (Wildlife Conservation Society), Robert Erhardt (Zoological Society of San Diego), Ruth Allard (AZA), Sara Long (AZA Population Management Center), Steve Thompson (Lincoln Park Zoo), Sue DuBois (Walt Disney World), Susie Kasielke (Los Angeles Zoo), Tara Stoinski (Zoo Atlanta), Tony Niemann (Denver Zoo), Wendy Turner (Sea World San Diego)

Please look for more information on this project in future issues of the Communiqué, or for more information about ADISC and the project, contact the committee chair, Bruce Bohmke or vice chairs, Andy Odum and Steve Thompson.