Provisional Sign-off.


The following represents CGI's understanding of Business Use Case Acceptance.


Basic Concepts:







a) Downstream findings in other business use cases that alter the requirements or definition of an earlier one.


b) Elaboration of Data Elements could impact (ie: change) an earlier accepted Use Case.


c) Business Rules as they are added, adjusted or deleted could impact prior Use Cases.


d) The definition of System Use Cases may force changes within any earlier defined business case.


e) Data standards and data design may force changes in the business use case.



ISIS acceptance of each Business Use Case means the following to CGI:


   Until all in-scope Business Use Cases are defined, mapped and reviewed by ISIS as one complete unit, a Provisional Sign-off will be given by ISIS to CGI for each independent use case.  Provisional sign-off means that at the time of review, only 75 - 80% of any single use case can be validated.  The remaining 20 - 25% of the use case can only be validated in relationship to the "larger picture" or when all in-scope use cases have been completed and mapped.


   ISIS agrees with the 75-80% content of the Business Use Case to the best of its knowledge at the time of acceptance;


   ISIS agrees to the overall "direction" being taken by CGI for the

   Business Use Case;


   During the ISIS review process knowledgeable champions were selected who could review the case with an "expert's eye," respond in the same manner and were able to devote sufficient time towards the review process;


   There are no conflicting review opinions from ISIS - all known conflicts for the Use Case are resolved;


   ISIS' confidence in the 75 - 80% of any single use case is enough for them to give their approval to CGI to move onto the next stage and start design work;


   A full sign-off will be given by ISIS to CGI once the "larger picture" has been reviewed and ISIS is satisfied that there are no gaps, errors or omissions to the best of its knowledge at the time of acceptance.



The Statement of Work considers a total of 90 Use Cases as within scope. However, if it is deemed necessary to add additional use cases to accurately define an existing functional area, the additional use cases will also be considered within scope.


Change Requests for additional funding will be issued to ISIS for the following situations:


   Use Cases above the agreed upon 90 that do not elaborate existing

   functional levels (ie: Use Cases to support net new functions);


   After Provisional or Full sign-off - changes to the objective or process of a business use case that are not driven from either later business use case work, or later data or systems elaboration work;


   Impacts to the project schedule as a result of delays within the review process.